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Appl hangs when generating suggestionslist

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:37 am
by earlski
Hello Anonbeat
Longe time ago... I'm still impressed about the application and it's functionalaties. And it still the only application for large collection. Which leads me to my problem...
When I edit a file and delete the artist field, the application hangs for awhile (servaral minutes). The reason is, that is generates a suggestionlist.
This behavior does not make sense for me, cause the artist list is already generated and the request just would need to make a "select" when I begin to write on this table. But I see in the system Monitor, that guayadeque needs a lot of CPU and memory for ... I think so... generating a "new" list.
Is my suggestion write? Is there a possibility to change that beahvior?

Kind regards, earlski

PS: I suggested in a popular magazine in germany (ct) to introduce your application