Appl hangs when generating suggestionslist

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Appl hangs when generating suggestionslist

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Hello Anonbeat
Longe time ago... I'm still impressed about the application and it's functionalaties. And it still the only application for large collection. Which leads me to my problem...
When I edit a file and delete the artist field, the application hangs for awhile (servaral minutes). The reason is, that is generates a suggestionlist.
This behavior does not make sense for me, cause the artist list is already generated and the request just would need to make a "select" when I begin to write on this table. But I see in the system Monitor, that guayadeque needs a lot of CPU and memory for ... I think so... generating a "new" list.
Is my suggestion write? Is there a possibility to change that beahvior?

Kind regards, earlski

PS: I suggested in a popular magazine in germany (ct) to introduce your application