Dark Theme Issues

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Dark Theme Issues

Post by DollyJelly »

Hi, I have been a massive fan of Guayadeque for so long. One thing I have difficulty with is that on Linux Mint Cinnamon 1.9x I have a globally set Dark Theme (Mint-Y Dark) - my eyes are sensitive to bright backgrounds. Everything is great except it is incredibly difficult to see the "set" ratings star image clearly - the set rating image is so similar in contrast to the unset image that I can barely see the difference.

I could change the image myself, but I do not no where to lookin the system folders to find it - could someone point me in the right direction? I use the rating a huge amount in a large library so any help here would be most appreciated.
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Re: Dark Theme Issues

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The images are embedded inside the program. It cant be changed. I will try to fix the issue.

Thanks for reporting it.
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Re: Dark Theme Issues

Post by Ben2listen »

Mint-Y-Dark is a nice theme...
However, for the ultimate balance (works for me in a bright or dark room) I must say that Ultimate Dark (Flat) Blue is easier on the eye...

However, for a Guayadeque session, I sometimes throw on the Adapta-Nokto theme, it works well (lyrics look nice, and the grey stars do show fairly well in the player).

But yes, with the Ultimate Dark themes the background is very close to the grey of the stars and I see the rating MORE from the 'empty' stars which show up with a dark outline...