static playlist bug

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static playlist bug

Post by rotwang888 »

This isn't a new problem, but sometimes I'm unable to edit items in a static playlist until it has be "reloaded". I notice this mostly when I edit items in the list, for example sending some tracks to another list, then come back and try to remove items from the list. I'll have to click the name of the list again, find and re-select the tracks, and then remove them. Also, I'll include a minor request for changing the behavior of the window that pops up when "save to playlist" is selected. Could the cursor already be in the entry box when the window opens, and use have hitting "enter" save it? Every time, I start typing, then go back and click the box, type again, then click "ok". I hope this makes sense.

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static playlist bug

Post by tamalet »

It's true that the playlists do not refresh after a change. You have to select another playlists and select the one you want again to reload it.
I also agree with your request for focus. In fact I think that for every pop up the cursor should be already in the first input field.

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static playlist bug

Post by anonbeat »

I will take a look at this asap.

Thanks for your bug report.

Its funny that I noticed today that problem with the save playlist dialog and thought about to fix it so enter save it.

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