End of development

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End of development

Post by anonbeat »

We regret to inform our users that the Guayadeque project has reached the end of its development journey and is no longer actively maintained. After years of dedicated work by the open-source community, this beloved music player and library organizer will no longer receive updates or support. We want to extend our gratitude to all the contributors and users who made Guayadeque a part of their music experience. While it may no longer be actively developed, we hope that it continues to serve its purpose for those who choose to use it. Thank you for your support throughout the years.

If anyone wishes to continue the development and support of Guayadeque, please feel free to contact me
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Re: End of development

Post by Jcinside »

Sad news
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Re: End of development

Post by filochard »

Openmonk that deeply contributed to guayadeque as created a fork :

he brought some improvements, particularly to support gstreamer-1.22.3 and wxwidgets-3.2.1-3

Thanks to him, Guayadeque is still alive
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Re: End of development

Post by Ben2listen »

Yup, it's understandable.

It's a damn shame - Guayadeque still has a unique character unmatched by many other players - though it has become increasingly problematic.

I especially love the Lyric integrations, the Last.FM tab, and the QT style layout options (similar to several other QT apps, but not as common as we'd like) enabling several layouts to be saved (QMPlay2 is good in this respect).

Also the playlist/lyrics being separable from the Library view (looking at you, Strawberry) and overall being better in functionality than many sexier eye-candy players.