Docking Vu Meters

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Docking Vu Meters

Post by Imitate7533 »

Quite happy to have found this excellent music player.
I was attempting to place the Vu Meters on top of the playlist window, and I was unable to dock it there.
In fact, once I have moved the Vu Meters window it was no longer docked with the player. I ended up with 2 separate windows independent of each other.
I resorted to deleting the ~/.guayadeque folder, in order to have the Vu Meters again as an integral part of the interface.
If it is possible to do this I would like to know how to do that. If not, let it be, let it be.
Thanks for this awesome player.
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Re: Docking Vu Meters

Post by anonbeat »

it should be possible. In fact, the default place is on top of the playlist.Note that you need to have checked the option 'Show captions' so you can see the bar to drag the window.