Bulk export of playlists

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Bulk export of playlists

Post by twan163 »

Guayadeque is after all these years still the best player on Linux, thanks anon! The management features are awesome as ever. I have a feature request which would make my user experience even better: I would like an option to export all dynamic playlists in bulk. I use these playlists in Twonky Media Server.

Better still would be if uPnP/DLNA was on the roadmap to make Guayadeque a media server :D
But I'll gladly settle for a bulk export of the playlists for the moment.

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Bulk export of playlists

Post by anonbeat »

Thanks for your kind comments...

What do you mean by export dynamic playlist ? sorry but I dont quite get it. There are already options to save it like a static playlist, copy to device, transcode, etc

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Bulk export of playlists

Post by kinggo »

Did you try pulseaudio-dlna? With it you can use guayadeque as is and you just forward audio to dlna capable device of your choice.

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