Annoying Behaviours in Guayadeque?

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Annoying Behaviours in Guayadeque?

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No, don't worry, I'm an idiot. They are in separate folders. I didn't see it in Guayadeque because the only difference was a full stop. It wasn't until I went to the folder itself I realised. Thanks for your help, Carry On!

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Annoying Behaviours in Guayadeque?

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I agree with anonbeat about the folders. I also separate in the same album to its disc's and that or one practical reason:
If you want to use freedb as a tagging ressource, you can save one working step (choosing the files).
The albbum name and also the folder name then contains the disc number: CDx
That is not nice, but opens also the possibility, by keeping the structure when having different Versions (Deluxe, Bonus disc...) in the directory.
A large collection is easier to handle on OS and within a tool, when both structures are in some parts comparable.

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