No AC3/DTS passthrough

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No AC3/DTS passthrough

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It is great that gstreamer is not the only option anymore.
I like being able to choose my alsa devices directly.
Unfortunately i still can not output a bitperfect signal via SPDIF.
On the command line i use mplayer with the option '-ac hwac3,hwdts,'. I don`t know whether you are using mlayer at all, just mentioning it to clarify what i would like to achieve.
I am aware that a bitperfect output excludes any volume manipulation via software. That includes the crossfade feature.
A price i would be willing to pay in order to be able to play my dts encoded files in surround mode. Also software based volume adjustment can reduce the signal to noise ratio of the sound and is not an option for audiophile playback.

So i would like to propose an option bitperfect for advanced users, who understand it disables cross fading, muting and volume control.

regards tom

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No AC3/DTS passthrough

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And equalizer too

Its something that looks at first not too hard to implement.

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