bug -> cuesheets with non-english characters

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bug -> cuesheets with non-english characters

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Hi there anonbeat,

Fisrtly, I just want to congratulate you for all the great work.
There are a lot of other positive things to add, but I will stop here for the sake of brevity.

With that being said, I want to report a problem.
It is a bug report, any I apologize if this is not the place to report a bug, but I could not find any :)

When running Guayadeque 0.3.5-, it crashes, and here's what I receive (started it from console)::

05:29:19 PM: CuePlaylist from file : '/mnt/multimedia/@Pur6atorY/SalSa/Sonora Ponceña - Unchained Force/FLAC/00-Unchained Force.cue'
05:29:19 PM: Content:
05:29:19 PM: ''
guayadeque: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.

So, probably the spanish "ñ" is a showstopper.

On the same page, I also have trouble with Guayadeque crashing when trying to play tracks with names imported from cuesheets that contain Scandinavian characters or cyrilic (Russian/Ukrainian). I understand that adding unicode support could be a big programming task, however making Guayadeque gracefully behave, instead of crashing, is preferred.
I attached two cuesheets, renamed to .txt, if needed, I can supply more info.

Best regards.

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bug -> cuesheets with non-english characters

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thank you. I will try to take a look but I guess this was fixed recently. Are you using the latest version from ppa ? guayadeque-svn if no please try it and let me know


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