Compilation tag in library !

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Compilation tag in library !

Post by tamalet »

I use Album Artist even when there is just one artist. Are you going to add the flag only when there is more than one artist or always?

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Compilation tag in library !

Post by Tarzan_Boy »

Well, I don't know about other users, but I use MusicBrainz for my tagging and it sets the Album Artist for pretty much ALL tracks. Doesn't matter whether it is a compilation or not. For non-compilations, the Album Artist will be exactly the same as the Artist field, but nonetheless it is filled in. So your solution would end up putting all albums into the iPod's "Compilation" directory.

If you don't want to use the iTunes Compilation flag, I guess you should check that the Album Artist is present AND equal to something like "Various Artists", "VA" or something similar (maybe this could be setting). This would work for a genuine compilation, but won't work for albums that might only feature one or two tracks from another artist. For example (skimming through my collection), I find "The Essential Willie Nelson". The Album Artist is equal to Willie Nelson for ALL the tracks. The Artist field is set to Willie Nelson for MOST of the tracks, except "Highwayman" which is credited under The Highwaymen. On iPods, unless these have been flagged as compilations, they'll get split up under different artist directories. At the moment, I have to set that compilation flag using Ex Falso, which is a bit of a pain.

Just some things to consider.

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Compilation tag in library !

Post by anonbeat »

Thanks Tamalet, Tarzan_Boy I changed my mind about the album artist idea. That can be a pain.
Thanks for your help

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