curl 7.21.2 issue fixed

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curl 7.21.2 issue fixed

Post by gorillaki »

I'm glad to report that the curl 7.21.2 segfault error is fixed in the current svn revision (1326). Running it for more than two hours in ArchLinux, without any problems.
Oh, and a lot of thanks for this absolutely stunning music player!

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curl 7.21.2 issue fixed

Post by mr_hangman »

I confirm this. I've been using 7.21.2-2 for two days now without a single crash (actually it hasn't crashed at all in the last 2-3 weeks :D).

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curl 7.21.2 issue fixed

Post by anonbeat »

The fix was reported to the bug at sourceforge ... id=1126447

I just commited it
Thanks a lot to whoever sent the patch

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