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Dynamic playlists

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:33 am
by neil21
Hi. I've been using Guayadeque (0.3.7) for a month or so and the labels are enabling us to rate, categorize and playback our large music collection for our different tastes for the first time in many years (long ago operating system development rendered the filter based mp3 player, that my son wrote over 15 years ago, obsolete and his oft promised V2 never got off the ground!).

Guayadeque playback options provided by the dynamic playlists and filters meet most of our needs but I consider that adding a deny/allow option to each line in dynamic playlists and removing the "any filter selects tracks option" would increase flexibility and simplify operation. It would also enable me to copy export dynamic playlists with selections that can currently only be achieved with a combination of dynamic playlist and filters.

Thanks again for all your efforts put into a terrific program.