Advice on making "local" smart mode

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Advice on making "local" smart mode

Post by errantlinguist »

I'm considering making a plug-in recommender system for Guayadeque which works locally, computing similar tracks in a way that does while being a bit better for use with a smaller set of songs (i.e. the songs in your local library as opposed to all of the songs on I also intend it to be much more customisable than the current smart mode.

My question is: Has anyone ever undertaken such a thing already? If so, is there any way I can contribute to it? And, if not, how many people would actually be interested in such a "super smart mode"?

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Advice on making "local" smart mode

Post by anamnisia »

that would be perfect

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Advice on making "local" smart mode

Post by phimath »

Sorry if this is super late, but I would be very interested in this. Not sure exactly what you have in mind, but for me something along the lines of if a lastfm reccomendation is not found above a certain threshold, then it would drop back to some other form of reccomendation, like genere is the same and year is similar.

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