"Play to" feature.

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"Play to" feature.

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Hi again ^^
I'd love a "play to" feature, ie some kind of upnp/dlna support (ie guayadeque to direct the file for the device of our choice to play, not just from our more or less internal crappy soundcards :) ). Of course, it's first a selfish wish since I'm about to get a Ceol, but network players become increasingly common nowadays. Macs/itunes have their airplay, WIndows7/WMP12 & other players have a "play to" function , for Linux right now, it's a desert (probably possible to make it work with foobar + upnp plugin, hoping this component works with wine, as some don't contrary to main player)

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"Play to" feature.

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dnla support was in the todo list since almost when the project started. Still had not the resources to work on it.

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"Play to" feature.

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I'd also like to use a "play to" feature. In my opinion the best would be a virtual audio-device, that is linked to the favourite dlna-player. Maybe this is possible in linux itself and the virtual device could be selected in the preferences of guayadeque. Is there already a stand alone application implementing this feature? I don't know any app of that kind. I would also be very happy to see the implementation in guayadeque :)

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