The problem of all Linux players: Missing Subfolders for pla

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The problem of all Linux players: Missing Subfolders for pla

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Hi there,

I'm a long-time iTunes user with a complex sorted music library and I'm now experimenting with Linux. I tested in the last days possible 20 different music players for Linux, the most are all looking the same, with two lists for the artist and the albums at the top, the titles beneath them. All Linux player also have the typical playlist queue, with is rather annoying.

Guayadeque is my favorite player yet, but it has the same playlist issues. The dynamic playlists are very good, but in my case they will be too much if there aren't subfolders. If this feature would be available in Guayadeque, it would be unique in Linux audio players, and it would be one of the feature what it would allow to import XML iTunes Libraries without loosing compatibility.

I'm actually using the album view in Guayadeque, my files are manually sorted, so I have the best overview without using playlists. The album browser has a problem: If you click into the browser, you can't move through the albums with the cursor keys. You first have to click on the scroll bar, but then its too late because it scrolls to a position you don't want to. Clicking on the grey background of the album browser should activate key scrolling.

Other things:

There should be an option to define the font size of the playlist text. I'm using a 12" Thinkpad X61t TabletPC with 1400x1050 pixel resolution, but with the small Ubuntu system font. This size is ok for applications, but the playlist text is now about 2-3 mm high. It's nearly unreadable.

There's an option 'Empty playlist if new files are added' or something like that, this option always disables itself after pressing 'OK'.

I didn't found an option to disable the Cross-fading, so I had to move the sliders to 0,0,10,9. The crossfading option should get a 'Default' button, or possibly a preset option.

Would there be a way to normalize playing to a specified dB-value?

And something to the Equalizer: It really sounds gruesome. Sorry to say this so hard, but I have iTunes running via PlayOnLinux on the same system and it handles this much better. The incredible thing is, that really all presets in Guayadeque's EQ sound bad. If I'm using the inbuilt Laptop speakers, nearly every preset creates clipping because of the pre-Amp. I can only use the Linear settings, but then the sound is good. The Equalizer should be created completely new.

But these problems don't keep me from using Guayadeque as my default Linux music player. My biggest wish would be subfolders for playlists, and perhaps a function to import iTunes Libaries.

Here are some ideas for an iTunes library importer: It should feature at least these three functions:

- iTunes library file request
- iTunes music folder request
- Sharing or coping to no location request

In the Windows version of iTunes are music files normally located in C:\Users\UserName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media, and in MacOS it's /Volumes/VolumeName/Users/UserName/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media. But it could be complete other paths, f.e. E:\MyMusic\iTunes or something like that. Linux does not use these path structures, so the there should two seperate requests: For the iTunes libary XML file and the iTunes Music files folders. So the Linux path structure /media/dev/sda3/ could be created during the import process. The third request should be an option to keep the files where they are - for a multiboot system - or copy them to a new location, f.e. from an portable harddisk.

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