Customised LYRICS TAG

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Customised LYRICS TAG

Post by Snakeysnape » Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:54 pm

Hi All,

First off THANKS A LOT for the best audio player in Linux.

Now, I normally dual boot with windows. If I am in windows I use the player foobar2000 which for me has the best tagging facility for an audio player. It is so customisable that I ended up with two TAGS for lyrics, LYRICS and UNSYNCED LYRICS. The first has karaoke timings while the latter is just plain text of the lyrics.

So my request if possible is either support the Karaoke timings or have a facility to change which tag to display/save to.

Because right now Guayadeque automatically reads the LYRICS tag as a result the lyrics with timings are just unreadable, while the plain text are not displayed.

Again thank you for all work


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