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auto organize library

Post by KmCrct » Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:53 am

I really like your software its very functional I love that you can detach the panels and reorder the columns. it would be great if you could toggle the panel headers off on right click once they are set in place. I am a fiend for real estate so it would be great to toggle those headers off on right click and then toggle them on again to move them.

Anyway your software has the potential to maintain huge libraries with complete automation by incorporating 'if' statements into the 'copy to' rules section. IF you can do this one thing .... well a few more things.... then this software will become king ... then we can write
home/{A}/{b}/$if({n},{n} - {t},{t} - {a})
structures like this can be very effective at maintaining our data without us having to actually move anything.
Let the software do the hard stuff. also if we could do conditional if's like $if({aa}='Various Artists', ... ) or my favorite that i have used for years is to leave my downloading files alone until complete and then send them to the library.
$if({f:10}=Incomplete,{path}, ... } where :10 is first 10 of filename and path is the files current path.

So I really hope you could do this if you need help i could work on it too but i dont know the language but whatever a language is a language so i could learn it and help when i can ....but really do this and one more thing while Im here

we need to have a field separator character where the user puts their character in a box and when that character is encountered the field is broken into a second field of the same type ie genre1, genre2, genre3 and the default separator is usually a semi-colon ....commas kind of get screwy in music files.

Pretty much thats it do those 3 things and you will have the best music software on the planet right next to tha king...

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