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Launch where compiz wants it to

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:52 pm
by fimbulthulr
[I'm German, please excuse my non-perfect English]


I'm using Guayadeque with pleasure under Ubuntu 11.10. Today, I searched for an option to automatically launch my applications on the positions I want them to. E.g.: In workspace 1, Thunderbird should be launched on the left monitor, Firefox on the right, and in workspace 2 it's NixNote and Guayadeque.
I stumbled upon CompizConfig -> Window management -> place windows -> fixed window placement and set up some rules under "windows with fixed viewport" that seem to do the trick (also tried devilspie, but had some problems with it).
Unfortunately, Guayadeque doesn't play along, it always opens on the workspace I'm currently on. The compiz-rule is "title=Guayadeque; Viewport-X-Position 2; Viewport-Y-Position 1".

This is just a minor request, but I would be glad if you could include it.

Finest regards,