Automatic tag to files & folders modification

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Automatic tag to files & folders modification

Post by thilina1024 »

I recently heard about this player & installed. So far, it's pretty good. It has almost all the features I have been searching in one player. But, I need to know one thing. As I noticed, it doesn't monitor & update the folders & files according to the tags. I really need this feature. Clementine, Banshee players come with this feature. Please add this in the future. & another thing. When I go to Music Brainz tab, in the Title field it shows the album title, not the song title. Is this a mistake or not?. Thanx

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Automatic tag to files & folders modification

Post by tamalet »

The lack of automatic scanning is by design. Anonbeat said once that he didn't want to one specific file system (although I think that it should be possible to abstract it), but the main reason I think is performance. Guayadeque strives to be lightweight and thus it avoids monitoring your file system. This is specially important when your library is not local.

I got used to hit ctrl-u to update the library just when I need it and I don't really miss the auto-update feature.

About the MusicBrainz issue, does it happen with every album? Could you give an example?

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Automatic tag to files & folders modification

Post by anonbeat »

In a future version I will consider to add file monitoring under the collections folders if that doesnt makes it unusable. Its something that can make things easier.

About MusicBrainz :
This section is album oriented. It tries to find the album and this is why you see the album title and not the track title. If you see it tells also when the album have different track numbers and so on.

Thanks for your help

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