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Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:26 am
by Schasoli
After testing at least 15 music-players I discovered Guayadeque today and I like it from the start.

There is only one feature I really miss: An easy to use prelisten function.
Best would be a small player
* where the songs could be pulled in by drag and drop.
* a slider - to be able to move to the middle and the and of a song.
* the option to define output device for prelistening in the settings
* It should work with the now playing list, too.

The aim is an easy to use music player for parties.
Labels for different atmospheres already exists.
The different "DJ's" could even save their favorite layout.

Is there an alternative player? No,
* Prokyon3 is out of date
* mixxx is to complicated for this aim.
This is the only configurable, not overloaded player with a good search function and would be just perfect.

Have a nice day!


Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:15 am
by anonbeat
This have been discussed before and the solution right now is to define a custom command you can use to start a second player.

Thanks for your help


Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:27 am
by Schasoli
Well, I had not found this discussion.
Thank you for the hint anyway. It works ^^ and it opens up more possibilities .

Can I bind a custom command to an accelerator or configure the mouse right-click menu?


Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:39 am
by Schasoli
Hey, with vlc songs can be loaded with drag and drop :-)
thanks a lot


Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:23 am
by tamalet
Schasoli wrote:Can I bind a custom command to an accelerator or configure the mouse right-click menu?
Unfortunately I think the answer is no for both things.

By the way, the discussion anonbeat mentioned is: ... mment_1080


Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:38 am
by Schasoli
Nice, the sound output device choose already works. This is also important for using skype etc. at home.

Why and when prelistening makes sence:

In the associations I am active we sometimes organise events which includes breakfast music, chill or dancing and party music. We also do social evenings with music and sometimes dancing. So different people bring there own music, some bring none.
*Different people play music and do not know the other stuff. They use it for discovering appropriate new songs while the music goes one.
*They prelisten regulary when the "DJ" is switching, so it gives a smooth change
*The "DJ" is away and someone puts a few songs in between a long playlist
* The children are often more amazed by the music collection than the actual music. They love to prelisten.
*The young often also like to hear sth. different an make suggestions nobody really knows. Just a check if it is OK for the crowed, too.

A few years ago there was the general problem that a double-klick destroyed the playlists (xmms and its windows equivalent). I remember on quite some "bigger" privat-party during study-time with this issue. This is good now. But
* I am sure, there are still some who like to dance or talk about anything while others decide about which song will be next.
* also useful for the bigger studentpartys without professional DJ.
* or any bigger public event of a small association.

Now I see more and more laptops in pubs. Mainly using big playlists. But sometimes people start to dance and the barkeeper becomes a "DJ"
* So some barkeepers could need it.
* some semi-professional DJs play in pubs where people come to dance. They have Traktor, BPM Studio and stuff like this, but they do not really use it. Because the older music needs no fancy mixing but prelistening, gapless autofading and labels. So they pull out there glasses to read the dam small titles.
* last but not least: there is no comfortable prelistening player under linux. (With mixxx they have to load it in the same player which autodj will use a few seconds later or somebody just throws it into the wrong player making the music suddenly break)

As a pass around SMplayer scales better than VLC. Yesterday I tried to develope a prelisten-vlc-skin for not confusing "Djs" with to many possibilities. But than I found out that drag and drop does not work anyemore with skins. This is a GTK+ VLC problem which affects al skins (at least at Ubuntu 10.04). But even if I find a solution for this, the pass around still has a little hock: The more people play DJ on a evening the higher the risk they do sth. unexpected: Best would be a good visible "don't Panic" button resetting anything but playlists changes to a given layout, fader, soundcard setting - maybe even starting a predefined playlist.
The load layout option is already worth a lot. There is already a discussion about a saving fader option going on. This would be helpful too. A function to hide the delete songs options would be good to. Well, or just mound read only :-)

Why integrating it in guayadeque: Well, it fits to the concept.
* good for large collections.
* Always the perfect layout - also for the hard ones which bring there music without mp3 tags and only find it by filebrowser (they will remember:" view>load layout>their name":)
So fare I have not tested it in hard life, but I think it will rock.
Thanks for your work, it is great already!