Superuser-mode for playlist

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Superuser-mode for playlist

Post by jonas61 »

Last weekend I used guayadeque during a party. After a short while the guests started to put songs in the playlist (Thanks to easy use of this great player), so some song wishes were never played (because always near the bottom).
So one mode where only appending songs to the playlist is allowed might be a good idea when the "DJ" is off for a beer.

Thanks for your player. I use it with OpenSuse 11.4. The database consists of more than 130.000 songs (ok, some double..). Fast search, no problems.

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Superuser-mode for playlist

Post by anonbeat »

Guess that is a litle bit over the intention of guayadeque at least right now. You can always Ctrl-Alt-L the computer while DJ is off for a beer :)

Good to know its going well for you even with 130000 tracks.

Thanks for your help

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