multiple track artists on one song

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multiple track artists on one song

Post by finndo77 »

I know this was mentioned somewhere, I am even pretty sure I commented on it... but I could not locate it with a search...

Is there any way in Guayadeque to have multiple artists for a track (so if you sort by artist, the song shows up for both of them?) There are drop-down arrows next to the artist name in "edit song" but I have not figured out how to do it.

@anonbeat: I know you know what I am talking about, but if you need an example, windows media player has been doing this for a good 8-10 years. when you manually type the artist name in, if you separate by a semi-colon ";" (I think) it automatically adds that track to both artists, or all 10 artists if you put that many in.

I was running Windows in a VM to manage my music library in Windows Media Player, because I could not find anything for Ubuntu worth using, until I found Guayadeque, now I only use Guayadeque. The only need I have for WMP is XBox 360 communication, the best Ubuntu solution I have found only pushes 100 folders to the XBox, and I have 27,770 tracks currently loaded in Guayadeque...

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multiple track artists on one song

Post by anonbeat »

at this time Guayadeque only handles one artist per track.

Add multiple artist support will for sure make Guayadeque slower that what its right now.

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multiple track artists on one song

Post by tamalet »

Guayadeque does not support multiple artists in that way. Several people have asked for this and I personally think it would be a great addition. But I know that anonbeat is now busy making some changes to the interface for the next version.

In the meantime you can vote this similar idea for genres or create a new one for artists. ... t/idea/60/

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multiple track artists on one song

Post by sonic20 »

I would rather have the multiple genres option at this time over the multiple artists because you can locate artists through text search; however, it is convenient when scrolling down the artist's list that all the names would be listed with the name of the tracks and co-artists where they appear.

Scrolling down the artist's names creates surprises to see who worked with whom in the past, such as; Kenny Rodgers and Kim Carnes or one may not know that Andrea Bocelli worked with Marta Sánchez. Carnes voice is easily recognized, but Sanchez' voice is not that unique as is her co-artist.

I think the ampersand between names would be the right data separator for both, the multiple genre and the the multiple artist categories as it is used in other linux programs.

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