[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

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[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

Post by erland »

I'm a recent convert to Guayadeque. One of the big problems I have in switching from Banshee is not being able to migrate my song ratings. Less important but also useful is database fields such as play count, etc. It would be great to have this feature in the first place for other popular linux media players such as Rhythmbox, Banshee and Amarok and possibly even iTunes down the track.

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[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

Post by tamalet »

I also think that a tool to import the database of Banshee would be useful. Since with Banshee you can import the database of iTunes, Rhythmbox and others, you could import most databases in two steps.

For the meantime a way to import you ratings is to create one playlist per rating: a playlist for the songs with 5 stars, one of the songs with 4 starts, etc. Then import those playlists in Guayadeque and set the respective ratings for each playlist all at once by selecting all the songs and using the option Set Rating in the context menu (right click).

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[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

Post by phre4k »

I would also love to have an import feature. Guayadeque is a great piece of software and gaining influence by the minute, so it would be only consequent to have an import feature.

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[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

Post by l300lvl »

I think it would be a great idea as well. The biggest reason is to at least keep up with contending media players so if for example I did decide to switch to Guaya then it would be less of a task to reimport everything.

The reason I use that example is due to the fact that Banshee is pretty much par with Guaya right now, and with a few more features to the UI Banshee could become the preferred choice for some, so in all honesty instead of seeing Guaya die off it would be nicer to see it make some more headway over Banshee. That in turn might inspire both players to go in different directions and have advantages that the others don't while still giving the option to switch between the two much more easy.

Not to say that they don't have their own advantages, but at the same time both have their own set backs as well. For the most part the desire under *nix is to see a more customize-able but at the same time more feature rich, UI. I also believed for some time now that switching from the previous tabbed views system of Guaya wasn't the best idea, and while only a belief, you basically now have that previous function while using Banshee's new Album Grid while accepting the other disadvantages. If Guaya could at least improve the album pane(not the cover browser) but the actual pane in the library, to allow a grid or the old style like Banshee does, then Guaya would once again 1 up Banshee.

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[Feature Request] Import library (esp ratings) from other pl

Post by Skeorx »

While Banshee has a similar look and layout to Guayadeque, the options for customizing and organizing the layout are FAR superior in Guayadeque. It was one of the main reasons I was shopping for a new player. Banshee just frustrated me to no end with not having options for layouts that practically every other player I used had. (Winamp, Media Monkey, etc.)

In the meantime I suggest going into your previous player, make a playlist of each star rating, export it, then import into guayadeque and highlight all the songs in the playlist and right click, select "set rating" and enter whichever you needed. That's how I got all my ratings synced up among my various players/OS's.

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