Artist and album sorting tags

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Artist and album sorting tags

Post by tamalet »

A common request is to order artist like The Beatles under B and no in the T: ... t/idea/32/

Some programs allow you specify some initial words that are omitted when sorting like: the, a, an. But this has problems because for instance in German die is an article, but it's also a verb in English. Also you may want to order artists by the surname instead of their first name.

I think that the best option would be to use two tags that already exist for these (I don't have the exact names now, but they should be easy to find). There you can write the way you want things to be sorted and by default is the same as the respective artist/album. You may even write something different like the year.

I found this article that describes how it's done in iTunes and it's exactly what I was thinking. ... _tags.html

By the way, that could also be a way to deal with the problem that now letters with accent are send to the end of the list, but as it was suggested, I think it's a collation issue.

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Artist and album sorting tags

Post by phimath »

Sorry to dig up this old post, but has there been any progress on this? I feel like it is an important feature to be able to tell Guayadeque to skip a leading 'The' when sorting. Also, is there anyway to get Guayadeque to sort by the latin version of a character? An example would be Ólafur Arnalds coming at the end of my library. If it would auto sort to O instead of Ó that would be great, but even better would be to let me explicitly tell it where to sort. This would be better for an artist like µ-Ziq where I could then tell it to sort under either u or m.

By the way I absolutely love Guayadeque! By far the best player around, even if its missing a few key features here and there. Great work!

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