Taskbar icon trunkated or gone

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Taskbar icon trunkated or gone

Post by gabrielh »


The icon of Guayadeque in the taskbar appears truncated or sometimes completely disappears. See screenshot here:


Could this be solved ? :)

My operating system: Debian Squeeze 6.0.1
Guayadeque version: 0.3.2-1640 compiled from SVN sources.


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Taskbar icon trunkated or gone

Post by Doc »

Confirm same error on my machine!

O.S.: Debian Squeeze 6.0.1 Amd64
Guayadeque version: 0.3.1-lucid-2 (from Ubuntu PPA)

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Taskbar icon trunkated or gone

Post by philG »

confirmed again
Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 (2.6.32-32-generic)
Guayadeque 0.3.1-1639 (ubuntu PPA)

if i go to library->preferences->General
and deselct "Activate taskbar icon", then reactivate this setting, the task bar icon will appear as it should.
this needs to be repeated on each launch, ie not held over reboots.

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Taskbar icon trunkated or gone

Post by anonbeat »

This have been discussed several times. Not sure if in this site thought. There is a problem in wxWidgets that I hope it will be solved soon.

Thanks for your help

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