Fix for iPod db!

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Fix for iPod db!

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Both with Gtkpod and Guayadeque I found that some mp3 transferred were not read by my 2nd generation iPod... I thought that have to be a problem of how the files were codified....

Today I have discovered that the problem regards iTunesDb! Probably both gtkpod and guayadeque aren't able to handle it correclty!

This little python script is a useful tool to update the iTunesDb file and works for iPod shuffle! (don't know if it work for other ipods... probably it doesn't!)

It gives the possibility to copy files in any position of the iPod (i copied two albums in the base path), after the user have copied the mp3, he has to launch the script from the ipod base path and it rebuild the database, without moving the files!

Using this methods, I am able to play those files that weren't reproduced before.

Hope this could help!

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