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Internet Radio

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:27 pm
by OldGuy
First---Guayadeque is the best music manager/player for Linux, bar none. I've tried them all. I was so glad to see version 0.4.1 appear after I upgraded to Linux Mint 18. Mint no longer included 0.3.5 in their repositories.

I noticed something unusual after I added the CINEMIX radio station ( to 0.4.1 and tried to play it. I received the following error message: "There are not entries for this Radio Station". It works fine in Radio Tray and I even installed Clementine just to test it and it worked fine as well. Also, other internet radio stations I added to 0.4.1 worked fine too. I realize this is not very important in the grand scheme of things, but I just thought I would let you know as it seems very odd.

Thank you.


Internet Radio

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:29 pm
by anonbeat
Add user radio and use
name : Cinemix

This should work...

Internet Radio

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:26 am
by OldGuy
This works great. Thank you, sir.