Can't save or import playlists

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Can't save or import playlists

Post by Stan »

I'm a noobie at Guayadeque, so I apologize if others have solved this problem before. I did a search for "playlists", but none of the existing results reflected my problem.

When I right-click on the list of currently playing items (in the left pane) and then click on Save Playlist, nothing happens.

When I highlight all the items in a directory (in the right pane) and click on Save Playlist, I get the dialog box to provide a name. However, the playlist never shows up in the library.

When I try to import a static .m3u playlist, nothing happens.

Ubuntu 14.04
Guayadeque downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center
Guayadeque version 0.3.5
Laptop: Dell Inspiron E1505 with 2gb RAM & a 500gb HD

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