Is guauydeque still alive?

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Is guauydeque still alive?

Post by coacharnold »

This looks awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but PLEASE... after spending the last 30 min suffering through adding music to my player in clementine : PLEASE keep the device functionality the same

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Is guauydeque still alive?

Post by hexaferrum »

Amazing music player, kudos to the developer. I hope it stays alive. I signed up to, and created my user account here. I also noticed the lack of activity on discussion forum, nevertheless, that tells me that the program is doing great. Running Guayadeque on Manjaro Linux Bellatrix XFCE and I installed it on Simplicity Linux 15.10 and Linux Mint Rafaela. Congratulations!

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Is guauydeque still alive?

Post by philippe2812 »

Thank you very much anonbeat, Guaya is the best ! But I'm worried about the "new-something" thing : Guaya is very good as it is ! Very few minor improvements and that's all ! Please, don't forget that "the perfect is the enemy of the good" ! ;-)

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