Smart Mode playing wrong songs

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Smart Mode playing wrong songs

Post by aybesea »

I'm very new to Guayadeque and loving it so far, but I am quite confused at its behavior in Smart Mode.

I pick a song to start off with, and Guayadeque faithfully creates a playlist that includes other similar music. The confusing bit is that as I watch the playlist proceed, I get to one or more tracks where the song that actually gets played is not the song that is listed on the playlist. Normally I'd think that this is a problem with the album files, but if I simply click on the corresponding playlist entry, the correct song will play. This tells me that the problem is not with the album files. Additionally, once a "wrong" song gets played, it seems like it enters a pattern of playing a bunch of wrong songs... often from the same artist.

Can anyone help me to understand and correct this behavior?

I'm using ver 0.4.6 on Linux Mint 20.0

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Re: Smart Mode playing wrong songs

Post by anonbeat »

Can you run guayadeque from the console and send me the output of the application to console while the problem is happening ?

Thanks for your help
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