[FEATURE REQUEST] VU meter on all desktops + Cover Art Window

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[FEATURE REQUEST] VU meter on all desktops + Cover Art Window

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The VU meter window can be dragged outside of Guayadeque as a movable, re-sizeable separate window. I didn't realize this until now (it's not documented) and I like this very much (intended or not). However, it is only visible on the same desktop as Guayadeque itself. If you use multiple desktops, as I do, it would be nice if the VU meter window had a right click option to "make (it) visible on all desktops."

A similar separate, moveable and re-sizeable cover art window with added user selections for "elapsed time" and "track title" would also be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I just discovered, anew, that the "View" menu's "Cover" option is also a re-sizeable, moveable window, so my only suggestion for "Cover" is that the header bar with the word "Cover" allow for an option to remove the header bar entirely so that only the re-sizeable cover art window is visible -- it looks much cleaner that way.

Also, it seems when you minimize the main application window, it also causes the child window (Cover) to disappear as well.

Thank you for your continued excellent work on this music player. :D :D
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