Library Scan of Windows Share adds 0 Tracks

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Library Scan of Windows Share adds 0 Tracks

Post by fernandes »

Read Guayadeque reviews and finally thought I could give up Windows (MediaMonkey only thing holding me back).

But all music (circa 200GB) is on a HD which is connected to a Windows box and then made available as a share.

For the life of me, I can't get any of it to show up in Guayadeque, after various attempts, library still shows 0 tracks!

Odd circumstances here, fresh install of Natty Narwhal and installed Guayadeque from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Had mounted the share which appeared in .gvfs and then sym linked that folder so as it had a cleaner path from root.

Scanned the folder and sure enough off it went piling through ~52,000 tracks, the "second pass" taking many hours.

It was demonstrably doing something so I let it be, but I came home last night to see it had finished and had no tracks.

I was amazed at this as it had earlier been progressing slowly through a count of x/52000 that now suddenly said 0/0.

Checking through different options in the software I found no obvious reason but spotted it was v0.2.7 in the about bit.

Obviously this is what Ubuntu's Software Centre installed so I decided just in case to upgrade to latest version 0.3.1.

Then tried re-scanning and nothing, the status bar stays resolutely at 0/0 tracks and nothing seems to be happening.

Checked .guayadeque folder and its DB is circa 100mb but whatever's in it isn't showing any tracks in the software.

Tried backing up the DB and cache files, renaming and getting software to do new ones via re-scan and also nothing.

Have therefore drawn a complete blank in making anything useful happen in Guayadeque. which is a disappointment.

Have searched these forums and found no similar problems to read about - Share mounting yes, but I had sorted that.

Any ideas?

Paid up MediaMonkey Gold user, it is 100% only thing I use Windows for, use Linux at work and most home machines.



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Library Scan of Windows Share adds 0 Tracks

Post by anonbeat »

can you post the content of any folder to see how the files are seen in linux from your share?

Thanks for your help

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