Browser view with netbook

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Browser view with netbook

Post by michaudg »

I'm using your player since few months now and i love it. I have a netbook and in the browser view, i'm not able to show more than 2x3 covers because of the 1024x600 resolution. I have more than 500 albums and it's not easy to browser through all the entire library. There is a lot of unused space between each covers and i think that it will be possible to show a grid of 3x5.

Is there a trick to reduce the space between cover with the current 0.2.9 version ?

Thank you !

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Browser view with netbook

Post by tamalet »

Not at the moment. Many people want it bigger to watch it in big screen, others like you with notebooks would like it smaller. Some kind of slider to change the size would be nice.

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Browser view with netbook

Post by anonbeat »

I will try to make some changes to allow some different sizes.

Thanks for your help

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