Guayadeque Donors

Thanks to all who contributed with a donation to this project :

  • NothingSpecial
  • Alejandro Tamalet (eltama)
  • Jorge Ortega
  • Etienne Quesselaire
  • VastOne
  • Martin Zecher
  • Michael G.
  • Paul Harrison
  • Timothy Joko-Veltman
  • Paul Goff
  • Brenda Fernández
  • Andrew Crowder
  • Lorenzo García
  • Gobater
  • Brad DeRider
  • Eric Kertz
  • Galanga

And all the rest that decided to not appear in this list.

If you love Guayadeque, and want to ensure it continues to be developed, please show your gratitude by making a meaningful donation. You can contribute here via Sourceforge or directly via paypal to

All donations over 50$ will receive the Official Guayadeque t-shirt like the ones in the pictures



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