About Us

Guayadeque started on August 2008 and went into public early 2009. Since then has gained a large user base and strong community. Guayadeque is slowly becoming the preferred media player for the Linux operating system.

What does Guayadeque Mean?

Guayadeque is, beside a Linux Music Player, a ravine on the Canary island in Gran Canaria. See this wikipedia page for more information.

The Team

  • anonbeat - Webmaster, Lead Developer
  • Everyone that contributes and uses Guayadeque

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Guayadeque is a part of the FOSS movement, we respect and acknowledge every contribution to this movement, even if it consists of different ideas and pathways to achieve common goals. With that said, guayadeque would like to thank the giants that make the media player you've grown to love possible

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