Cant see my album covers
  • Hi folks,
    I have a problem. I cant see my album covers in the album browser.
    However, when I click ricghtclick and change tracks, i can see the covers under images.
    But they dont show when i use the album Browers.
    Please help me
  • You should check the option to check for embedded covers in the collection preferences. Be aware that this will make guayadeque to create a file named cover.jpg ( or whatever other name you have configured as the first option to search for covers ) in every album folder.
  • hi anonbeat,

    album covers which guayadeque already has scannend from audio-files will not get lost although I delete all pictures in these directories. this means the album-pictures are saved everywhere in a database?

    I don't like to have self-generated pictures in all directories (like cover.jpg). but there are pictures in the directories I saved there myself, sometimes 1 picture for each live-song I recorded e.g. nevertheless I want ONE own album-picture for these songs with different song-pictures.

    in another post from kandres, january 24 'Are these things possible? 1- Save album cover using album title.' you answered '1.- This is something that will be implemented'.

    please add my wish to this to-do entry: to have ONE own album-cover, although all the songs of this album have their own different song-cover.

    thank you, segln.
  • No. Guayadeque saves the album cover thumbs and downscaled version of the images in a database but it uses the file cover.jpg or the other defined in preferences to show up the full cover and also to send references to the cover image via dbus or mpris interface.

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