how to sort podcasts?
  • Hi ,

    i have lots of podcasts, and I would like to sort the podcast stations by name or by order of preference. I hadn't been able to do that. Everytime I add a podcast station it just adds it to the bottom of the list.

    Is there a way that some kind of sorting option would be added to the podcast window?

    Perhaps there is some config file I can edit to put my podcast stations in order?

  • There is no option to sort channels. You can sort chapters by any entry just clicking in the column header.

    Thanks for your help
  • it would be cool if we could drag and drop the podcast channels in order of preference....or at least have the option of sorting them alphabetically
  • Yes I agree. I will try to add it for the next version

    Thanks for your suggestion
  • another suggestion -- is it possible to rename a podcast channel? Currently, you are stuck with the official (and often too long) name. Being able to rename the podcast channels, when (or after) you add them to the list would be of great help.
  • Just wanted to see if anyone has figured how to rename the podcast channel once you add it to the list?

  • I will try to implement it soon.

    Thanks for your help
  • You can now rename the podcast channel since revision 1789

    Had to remove this functionality as made the updates to dont work.
    Thanks for your help
  • how about just the ability to sort them alphabetically?

    that should be easier?

  • It should be listed alphabetically now
  • I'm using 3.5-5, and it is not ordering alphabetically.
  • Please install the version guayadeque-svn from my ppa

    Thanks for your help

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