"Smart Play" can't be disabled
  • Hi,

    it seems that in the current git revision, the option "Controls->Smart Play" can't be disabled (by clicking on it or pressing F2). As a workaround I set "PlayerPlayMode" to "0" in guayadeque.conf. That does the job for now.
  • Click on the play mode button in the player controls tillyou get the mode button with a disabled light bulb...
    Anyway I will make a change to set it enabled or disabled with F2

    Thanks for your help
  • Yes, the light bulb button works. Thanks for the hint!

    But another thing: when you reorder the playlist by drag and drop and pull an entry to the beginning or end of the visible part of the playlist, it should automatically scroll up rsp. down. This has always been working and got broken recently.
  • will take a look...

    Thanks for your help
  • Found the problem and fixed it in latest commit. Thanks again for your help
  • I confirm that both issues are fixed. Thanks a lot!

    And one more episode in the series of little regressions: I can't save lyrics anymore. All changes are just discarded silently. The files are writable and I can edit tags for example permanently from within guayadeque.

    Note that there was always the issue that lyrics are not saved until the file stops playing (e.g. when one selects a different file to play while the edited one did not finish yet). But that's a different story.
  • The not saved until the tracks changes if it was playing is intended. That is because the tags are saved at the beginning of the file and if the file is being played a glitch sounds. To avoid this the file is saved once it is stopped playing.
    I will take a look at the save of the lyrics...

    Just checked it out and looks like it is not saving if you dont have any target in lyrics preferences enabled. As there is no target enabled the lyrics are not saved to any target even when embedded is enabled as source. I checked with embedded enabled as target and then it saved correctly but once the track finish playing because what I explained before.

    Thanks for your help
  • Right, my fault. Sorry.

    Sure, the file should not be modified while it's playing. But still there are cases where lyrics are not saved after the file stopped playing.
    * When the player is closed, the file that played last is not saved (both when its still playing at that time and when it was stopped before closing the application).
    * When the same file is played from the beginning (either by stop&play or by double clicking on it).
  • This two issues should be fixed...

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