Trancode to MP3 not wotking
  • Hey ... running on UBINTU 16:10 trying to copy flac files out to an mp3 folder..... not working, getting very small files labled as MP3 but no music. Any thoughts?


    09:33:11 PM: Transcode 1 - 0 '/home/fausto/Downloads/Music/Bill Charlap Trio - Notes From New York (2016) [FLAC]/01 - I'll Remember April.flac' => '/home/fausto/Desktop/sonia/Jazz/Bill Charlap Trio/Notes From New York/01 - Bill Charlap Trio - I'll Remember April.mp3'
    :::: 0 => 295000
    09:33:11 PM: Transode source location: 'file:///home/fausto/Downloads/Music/Bill Charlap Trio - Notes From New York (2016) [FLAC]/01 - I'll Remember April.flac'
    09:33:12 PM: OnCollectionCommand 13114 0 14 0
    09:33:12 PM: Doing Library Update in /home/fausto/Downloads/Music/
  • You should check you have installed the gstreamer plugins...

    This are the ones I have installed
  • SO I have all these installed, I just upgraded to the newest Gyuaya and I still have this issue. only now ... half of the selected tracks get transcoded correctly, the rest into blank .mp3 files

    ANy thoughts?
  • BTW, nice work on the new version!! thanks
  • Whats frustrating about this .... is that I have used Guaya as a transcode program for years with no problems
  • Transcoding still not working ..... It will look as if it's working but run through the tracks very quickly. I get an mp3 file, but it's only the first 5 seconds of the track

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