Some commands not working....
  • .....or actually, they don't work on some files/ folders.
    when I try "browse with nautilus" I get this errror "Unable to find the requested file. Please check the spelling and try again." which usually means that something is wrong with fstab. Terminal shows this..
    10:29:11: Running command nautilus /mnt/Data/FTP\ vostro/music/80's/Public\ Image\ Ltd\ -\ This\ Is\ Not\ A\ Love\ Song\ 12''\ Vinyl
    ** Message: Initializing gksu extension...
    and nautilus does not open.

    Then with other album....
    10:29:27: OnTextChangedTimer...
    10:29:27: guLibPanel::DoTextSearch( 'roger' )
    10:29:57: Running command nautilus /mnt/Data/FTP\ vostro/music/Dance-Trance-House\ 2000+/Roger\ Shah-\ Global\ Experience\ (2015)/
    ** Message: Initializing gksu extension...
    and nautilus does open.
    If I try "open terminal in directory" for Public Image it just opens my home directory while Roger will open as it is supposed to. But on the Public Image I can use "burn with brasero" or "edit cover with GIMP".
    Also, tag edit works so file is accessible. After all, it does play.

    I deleted my .guayadeque folder and started from scratch but that didn't help.
    I checked my fstb with the one from previous installation and apart from disc ID it is the same. And the whole collection is in one folder, "music" is the starting point.

    And while nautils 3.22 is not exactly the most stable for me ATM, this still does not make any sense to me and I'm out of ideas what else can I try.
  • OK, so the problem seems to be some special characters. With ' " ! & and most likely some others I can't use browse with nautilus. ( and ) are fine.
    Maybe this isn't new, but I did use that command before and never had this problem but there's zero chances that I've never tried to browse some folder with '' since I have a bunch of them with 12'' Vinyl at the end since most of them are the same name as album name with (year) at the end.
  • and this does not work in arch also.

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