Missing Stop button
  • I just installed Guayadeque from git (0.4.1-6a66f9b) and player Stop button is missing. I can stop playback only from menu.

    I need that button because I use Guayadeque for bit perfect playback.
    My audio card is captured until I stop playback.
    So audio from other sources dont work(youtube, movies...)
  • the short cut doesnt work?
  • Menu option and related keyboard shortcut (ctrl+alt+space) work.
    But button is missing. Before this version I had version 0.4.x also from git that did have button.
    Obilježeno_009.png (39K)
  • I removed it a few commits back...I am going to change the buttons layout. Smart and Repeat buttons will be the same and remove the stop button.
  • I don`t see advantage of removing buttons.
    You will only get cleaner look but you lose on functionality.
    I love keyboard shortcuts for other things but in daily workflow I mostly use mouse when using Guayadeque.
    And what about tablets, touch screens.

    I cant remember that I ever saw media player software or hardware without play,pause,stop and rewind buttons.

    Maybe if you could add options too chose what buttons should be displayed.
  • I like the configurable option... Hope to add it once I finish some more changes Im working on
  • You recently changed look of buttons all together and they look great.
    Why not show them off ;)

    Can you update README file on git with instructions how to install Guayadeque from git.
    Or point to your web page instructions, they are grate.

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