• Just like to say thank you Anonbeat for an excellent piece of software.

    My system is Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and I'm running version 0.4.1-b2c9d23 of Guayadeque. The Gnome version is 3.20 in the main from a ppa. At random intervals the Guayadeque window blanks just leaving the frame, though the music continues to play. I've tried to replicate this but it happens, apparently so anyway, on a random basis.

    If you need any further information by all means fire away.


  • This a screenshot:
  • This looks like a compatibility problem with unity and wxWidgets 3.0
  • Gnome 3.20 is not officially supported on 16.04 so some bugs can be expected. I'm still on 3.18 and this never happened to me.
    How do you recover from that? Restart GS? Restart Guayadeque? Or it comes back by itself?
  • Guayadeque comes back without any apparent intervention on my part. I haven't had to restart the GS yet. A Gnome shell extension that displays the music being played seemed to 'restore' it.

    Unity isn't installed under the GS?- I'll check when I get home tonight. The wxWidgets might be worth exploring, as I believe one off my other installed software packages had issues with this. I'll keep everyone posted and thanks for the suggestions/thoughts.

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