Weird Tag Issue
  • Ok .... so I'm trying to tag the contents of an album folder. (I use guayadeque all the time for this) and no matter what I do I can not get the tag to change.

    So, I tried to change the tags in EasyTag (which honestly isn't as nice as this feature in guayadeque) and the tag saves fine. When I go back to Guayadeque It doesn't see the tag ... but if I open the files in VLC, my custum tags are there.

    This is all I see in the term if I run it from there

    03:46:31 PM: Warning: Tags Save failed for file '/home/Downloads/Music/Dead & Company 2016-06-21 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY [FLAC]/deadco160621d2_03_China_Cat_Sunflower.flac'

    any ideas?
  • that is the only output guayadeque gives ? could you send me the track?
  • Sure .... just set up a drop box folder and emailed you the link.
  • I will take a look at it.

    Thanks for your help
  • I did some testing and with libtag v1.6 it works fine... but with the version 1.9.1 which is the one installed in Ubuntu 16.04 it fails...

    So I suggest you to summit the bug report to the taglib developers
  • EasyTag is great. I actually prefer it to Guayadeque built in editor for general tagging. Althoug I do use the builtin one to fix some errors on the fly.
    But files tagged with EasyTag appear correctly here.
  • can i upgrade to taglib 1.11 without affecting guayudeque???
  • Just checked again, some 50 songs tagged with easytag and libtag 1.9.1 and after updating my collection they all appear correctly tagged.
    @coacharnold Did you update/rescan after tagging? If I understand correctly how guayadeque works, songs that are tagged with internal editor will change tags immediately and you'll see those changes right away. But if you edit tag of the song in the collection with some external editor but don't do the update/rescan you won't see that change.
  • can i upgrade to taglib 1.11 without affecting guayudeque???

    If you are compiling it should go fine...

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