How to increase size of enque list
  • I need enques of 100's of tracks
    also how to make more complex filters?
  • what do you mean by more complex filters? You can combine any of those offered parameters to create your own filter. If you mean some other parameter than I don't know.
  • I only see 4 possible filter parameters
    I would like to filter by genre, artist or tag
    parameters that would be useful for a new installation, without play counts or ratings

    I'm getting the impression that Anonbeat is busy with other projects these days
  • no, there are 8 of them
    genres, artist, composer, album artist, album, year, rating and playcount
  • Hello,
    To make queue playlist keep more tracks just go to Preferences -> Playback and increase the option 'Max played tracks kept in playlist'

    About filters you can filter for almost everything.. please be more specific to help you in a better way...


    PD: Yes, very bussy with real life and trying to get guayadeque ported to QT. Im rewriting everything from scratch.
  • it's really nice to know that you are still here and that you are still working on the best player there is. Can you do some quick fix about this?
  • I cant reproduce the problem here... I will try

    Thanks for your help
  • for various reasons I'm now on my 4th installation of 14.10 Gnome edition and SVN guayadeque and the result is always the same. And bt always give those three TimeLine.cpp:227, MediaCtrl.cpp:2593 and MainApp.cpp:40
    First it was upgrade from 14.04 with gnome 3.12 but now it is clean install with gnome 3.14 and that is 100% reproducible
  • thanks Juan
    I'm hoping for 999 songs all at once so I can go through & delete a few 100

    I've been using Clementine for a few years, I missed the better smart mode Guayadeque has...

    QT will be good
    I'm on the redhat side of the street with Mageia [mandriva], which is a community based distro
    much better stability than UBun
    the dev's added Guayadeque at my request for the 1st mageia release in 2010

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