List of media
  • In Sources I have the remote media options of:
    Main User?s iPod
    Main User?s iPod
    acer?s ipod

    Only one of these is ever able to open as they're all the same ipod that's been reset at various times. Is it possible to clean up this list and remove the 3 options that just show up and which I can't do anything with?
  • yes. Go to preferences-collections and then you'll see a list of all sources on the left (under collections). Pick the one(s) you want and click on "-".
    At least, that is how I manage my sources but I don't know if that works for ipods since apple always have to be something special when it comes to standard protocols.
  • Thanks Kinggo, I'd seen that area before but due to the size of the window I wasn't seeing the +-, etc options. Have got them now and deleted the unused sources.

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