Copied files are being overwritten
  • Hi all. I must be missing something simple, but I have a problem when using the 'copy to' command. I used it previously, and duplicated my files, because I hadn't ticked remove source, but when I do tick it and try again (having selected all files), most of the files get deleted - presumably overwritten. Is that because I have duplicate files? I figured it would just overwrite one with the other, leaving me with a single copy, but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm using the standard 'to mp3' options. It's been driving me potty, so any help would be appreciated.
  • hmmmm....... you can't overwrite files. Or maybe you can if you try to copy at the same location. But why would you do that? What's the point of copying something that you already have there. Check your paths.
  • Well, I am intending to overwrite - I'm resorting my library for Plex, so I'm trying to match their naming structure, and replace my existing files. I'll try copying to a separate directory. I'm still curious as to how it is happening though.

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