Linux Mint 17
  • Hi all. I'm having trouble installing the latest (0.37) version in Linux Mint 17. I've added the Ubuntu ppa, and tried installing both the stable and svn versions, but both show as version 0.35 on open. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong please?
  • nothing. I have svn version and the latest is also 0.35.1893.
    I didn't even know about 0.37 until I fiddled with arch a few months ago and found it there. So I came here and found this
    There's been a few updates in svn since then but it is still 0.35.
  • Yes, Manjaro was where I came across 0.37. Just found this morning the .deb files for previous Ubuntu versions, but they don't seem to work for Trusty/Mint 17. It's weird, because the launchpad page for the ppa shows 0.37 as the latest version.
  • well, there are no deb packages for trusty so it is expected that previous might not work.

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