Copy to options
  • I have a copy to using

    BUT it is using
    instead WHY?
  • You probably did something wrong. I just tried your desired pattern and it works as expected.
  • How could I do something wrong?
    I have a 1gb playlist setup, I right clicked copy to using that format to a folder (my player) it then puts all them in sub folders with artist instead of all mixed up.
    I noticed when I was getting a load of the same artist instead of a mix.

    I am using 0.3.7 from the ppa

    I will delete the copy to and start again.
  • It also seems to take FOREVER to copy 1000 files to another folder on the HDD. (ready to move to my player later)
    I have to mp3 & Keep Quality checked , most of the files are already in mp3 format.
    In the past minute it has copied 100 files only.

    Hdd is new 7200 with 1TB of free space so no speed issues with it.
  • It also is still copying over jpg covers even though there are none in the playlist.
  • E.g latest playlist limited to 2gb, was 280 files taking 1.86Gb
    When copied over:
    303 files @ 1.5Gb - size is probably the flac-mp3 difference.
    But selecting the jpg's gives 27 files, why are the appearing?

    Original problem has gone, must have been a glitch.
  • Please check the portable media copy to settings. Right click over it and go to last option in the menu with the name of the device and then Properties
  • I am not using the portable media copy to.
    I added a new one called "to mp3"
    pattern (g}/{t} - {a}
    Format mp3 & keep quality selected
    no folder so it asks me for it.

    See attached pic

    When I use this to copy to a local folder I still get jpg's copied over. I did report this a year or so ago but this is the first time I have used this again.
    mp3.png (72K)
  • Some of my album folders have front/back artwork is this what it is copying and if so why? I ONLY want what is in the playlist not any extra files, I use an mp3 player without any screen, so jpg's are useless on it.
  • Copying jpg's are normal, there's nothing you can do about it. Guayadeque is designed that way. Even if you have embedded cover it will extract it and make a copy in the folder where the song is. Annoying, but still better than shitty tracker that creates new hidden folder just to store the cover there. So you end up with cover that guayadeque created and a hidden folder that tracker created even if all the files already have embedded covers in them.
    But after copying sort files by type and delete them if that really bothers you.
  • Ahh well just close this thread then, just have to live with it.

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