differences between one/many song files and rescan/update
  • I am afraid I may ask something very basic here, but a search in documentation / discussion forum didn't help me. If what I ask is answered elsewhere please point me to the link -and apologies.

    (a) what is the difference between rescan and update in my music menu? A practical difference I have seen is that when I have changed track tags, update will keep changes, rescan will revert to the original...
    (b) I realize that some albums come with same number of audio files as the tracks are (say, 10), others with one track (.cue) that guaya will correctly resolve in the original ten tracks. But when I try to change tags with any tag editor (like easytag or MB Picard) I still see one track there, so I can't (for example) add a different composer for each track. And yes, I can do it through guaya, but... you know... after rescan... back to the beginning!
  • Editing tags in cue files are not saved to the cue file so this is why when you rescan the library you get back to the original cue data.
    Rescan means scan the library like the first time and overwrite any data while update means scan only the modified files after the last scan.
  • Thanks alot!

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